Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Der Keller Dancehall
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Steinpforte #1

El Dorado Club (Opening date unknown)
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address: Schlossplatz

Glitzern und Schicksal Gallery
Owner: gstone Turas
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #9

Radio Shop
Owner: Pierre Webb
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #4

Gentlemen's Club
Owner: Elisqui Felicci
Address: Fischerstrasse Rear of 23
A place for Gents and Sailors to relax and be entertained, in the company of our charming and attractive hostesses (government medical inspections monthly). Sandwiches available on request.

Odeon Theater
Address: Unter den Linden #1

Sports Hall
Owner: Zeno McAuley
Address: Breite Strasse #3

Asta Kino
Manager: Jo Yardley
Address: Unter den Linden #21

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