Thursday, December 9, 2010


Bella Tu
Owner: Nuriel Damiano
Address1: Avenue Nussbaum #6
Address2: Teleportplatz

The Curious Seamstress
Owner: Kembri Tompsen
Alexanderplatz 8

Owner: Pola Solo
Address: Steinpforte #2

Millenery Shoppe
Owner: Bubbles Roxanne
Address: Teleportplatz

Old Time Prims
Owner: Mila Adelman
Address1: Unter den Linden #12
Address2: Teleportplatz

Sonatta Morales
Owner: Sonata Morales
Address1: Unter den Linden #14
Address2: Teleportplatz

Fine Fashions for Fine Ladies

The Curious Seamstress
Owner: Kembri Tompsen
Alexanderplatz, #8


Deutsche Reichsbahn (Bahnhof - Main Trainstation
Address: Alexanderplatz

Taxi Service
Owner: Oskar Edelman
Address: Steinpforte #4

Bus and Cab Trade Union
Owner: Elis Felicci
Address: Steinpforte, #3

Berlin Flugdienst (Flying School)
Address: Alexanderplatz, #10


Albion Secondhand Shop
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address1: Alexanderplatz #8
Address2: Teleportplatz

Bixi Automobiles
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Unter den Linden, #9

Kaufhaus Biberkopf
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Unter den Linden #18

Clarrington's Bakery
Owner: Morganic Clarrington
Address: Mittelstrasse #5

The Golden Oriole Antiques
Owner: Orilius Oliver
Address1: Alexanderplatz #2
Address2: Teleportplatz

Kolonial Grocery Store
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #10

Fraulein Jo Books & Magazines
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Friederichstrasse #2

Melu Deco Furniture
Owner: Melusina Parkin
Address1: Alexanderplatz #6
Address2: Teleportplatz

Shalom Shalom
Owner: Liam Hambleton
Address: Rykestrasse #54

Topferei Pottery Shop
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Friederichstrasse #4

Weimar Specialty Shop
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Teleportplatz

Hertz und Levi
Metzgerei und Wurstfabrik (Butcher and Sausage maker)
Address: Mittelstrasse #7


Bohemian Vardo Fortune Teller
Owner: gstone Turas

Berliner Taxi Service
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Steinpforte, #3

Berlin Flugdeinst
Owner: Zepp Ehlin Mahn
Address: Alexanderplatz #10

Lola Lola Hairstylist
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address: Alexanderplatz #12

MidEurope Travel Agency
Owner: gstone Turas
Addess: Alexanderplatz West

Tattoo Parlor
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address:  Fischerstrasse #25 (Upstairs)

Wascherei (Laundry)
Owner: Zenobius Oleander
Address: Dorotheen Strasse #2

Patrice Cournoyer, Attorney and Solicitor
Owner: Patrice Cournoyer
Address: Unter den Linden, #16, Stock 2

Begrabisunternehmer (Undertaker)
Owner: Anonymous911 Resident
Address: Alexanderplatz, #14


Am Nussbaum Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Fischerstrasse #21


Swank Brothers
Owner: Doc Wrangler
Address1: Alexanderplatz #4
Address2: Teleportplatz

The finest quality, at reasonable prices.

Swank Brothers Men's Clothier -- 1920s, 1930s vintage fedoras, hats, suits and shirts. Outfit yourself with authentic clothing, hats and shoes.

Lappen und Knochen
Owner: Aloysia Moyet
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #8


Core Clinic
Dr. Gatsby Core
Address: Alexanderplatz West #11

Clarrington Apotheke
Morganic Clarrington
Nussbaum, #01


Berliner Post
Owner: gstone Turas
Address: Unter den Linden #16 Stock4

Berlin Style Magazine
Owner: gstone Turas
Address: Unter den Linden #16 Stock 4

J&C Advertising Agency
Owner: Katyana Jaidov/Patrice Cournoyer
Address: Unter den Linden #16 Stock2
Come Grow with us!
You've invested a lot in your business. How do you make it easy for potential customers to find you? J&C offers advertising, brand development, sponsorship placement and publicity programs that get you noticed and increase traffic to your business. Stop in for a free evaluation.


Magdelene Kirche - Roman Catholic
Rt. Rev.  Cuthbert Hellendale
Address: Am Lustgarten #1


Der Keller Dancehall
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Steinpforte #1

Elektric Cafe
Owner: Bubbles Roxan
Address: Corner of Unter den Linden and Friederichstrasse

Mulack-Ritze Club
Owner: valentino Parnasse
Address: Mittelstrasse #7

Am Nussbaum
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Fischerstrasse #21

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Central Post Office
Address: Alexanderplatz #5

Stadthalle (City Hall)
Address: Alexanderplatz #1

Schloss Museum (City Museum)
Address: Schlossplatz #1

City Park and Duck Pond
Address: Breite Strasse #6

Court House
Address: Unter den Linden #20

Deutche Reichsbahn (main Train station
Address: Alexanderplatz

Football Field
Address: Breite Strasse #1

Hindenberg School
Address: Rykestra├če

Offentliche Bibliothek (Library)
Address: Am Lustgarten #3

Bahnhof (Main Train Station)
Address: Alexanderplatz

Polizei Station (Police Station)
Address: Dorotheen Strasse #1

Public Baths
Address: Friederichstrasse


Der Keller Dancehall
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Steinpforte #1

El Dorado Club (Opening date unknown)
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address: Schlossplatz

Glitzern und Schicksal Gallery
Owner: gstone Turas
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #9

Radio Shop
Owner: Pierre Webb
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #4

Gentlemen's Club
Owner: Elisqui Felicci
Address: Fischerstrasse Rear of 23
A place for Gents and Sailors to relax and be entertained, in the company of our charming and attractive hostesses (government medical inspections monthly). Sandwiches available on request.

Odeon Theater
Address: Unter den Linden #1

Sports Hall
Owner: Zeno McAuley
Address: Breite Strasse #3

Asta Kino
Manager: Jo Yardley
Address: Unter den Linden #21