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Welcome to the 1929 Berlin Business Directory

This is your free copy of the first edition of the 1929 Berlin Business Directory!

The Directory is brought to you by the business owners of the 1920s Berlin Project and by Jaidov & Cournoyer, and is your indispensable guide to finding what you need in Berlin. Here you will find a comprehensive listing of businesses, owners and street addresses, as well as listings for Berlin City buildings and public areas. To use the directory, first browse the Category List for the type of business you are looking for and click to that page. Then scan the listings there to find exactly what you are looking for. All listings contain the owner's name and Berlin street address, and many list the businesses SLURL or web page as well as additional information about the business.

There are excellent street maps of Berlin in front of the train station on the Alexanderplatz and at other locations around the city, including our J&C offices at Unter den Linden #16. Please feel free to drop by and have a look. Future editions of the Directory will contain a street map as part of the publication.

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If you are not located in the 1920s Berlin Project Sim but would like to sell your product or service here, please contact us for information about being listed in the Directory. We will be creating a "Foreign Businesses" category in the February edition.

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Wilkommen in Berlin!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Bella Tu
Owner: Nuriel Damiano
Address1: Avenue Nussbaum #6
Address2: Teleportplatz

The Curious Seamstress
Owner: Kembri Tompsen
Alexanderplatz 8

Owner: Pola Solo
Address: Steinpforte #2

Millenery Shoppe
Owner: Bubbles Roxanne
Address: Teleportplatz

Old Time Prims
Owner: Mila Adelman
Address1: Unter den Linden #12
Address2: Teleportplatz

Sonatta Morales
Owner: Sonata Morales
Address1: Unter den Linden #14
Address2: Teleportplatz

Fine Fashions for Fine Ladies

The Curious Seamstress
Owner: Kembri Tompsen
Alexanderplatz, #8


Deutsche Reichsbahn (Bahnhof - Main Trainstation
Address: Alexanderplatz

Taxi Service
Owner: Oskar Edelman
Address: Steinpforte #4

Bus and Cab Trade Union
Owner: Elis Felicci
Address: Steinpforte, #3

Berlin Flugdienst (Flying School)
Address: Alexanderplatz, #10


Albion Secondhand Shop
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address1: Alexanderplatz #8
Address2: Teleportplatz

Bixi Automobiles
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Unter den Linden, #9

Kaufhaus Biberkopf
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Unter den Linden #18

Clarrington's Bakery
Owner: Morganic Clarrington
Address: Mittelstrasse #5

The Golden Oriole Antiques
Owner: Orilius Oliver
Address1: Alexanderplatz #2
Address2: Teleportplatz

Kolonial Grocery Store
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #10

Fraulein Jo Books & Magazines
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Friederichstrasse #2

Melu Deco Furniture
Owner: Melusina Parkin
Address1: Alexanderplatz #6
Address2: Teleportplatz

Shalom Shalom
Owner: Liam Hambleton
Address: Rykestrasse #54

Topferei Pottery Shop
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Friederichstrasse #4

Weimar Specialty Shop
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Teleportplatz

Hertz und Levi
Metzgerei und Wurstfabrik (Butcher and Sausage maker)
Address: Mittelstrasse #7


Bohemian Vardo Fortune Teller
Owner: gstone Turas

Berliner Taxi Service
Owner: Jo Yardley
Address: Steinpforte, #3

Berlin Flugdeinst
Owner: Zepp Ehlin Mahn
Address: Alexanderplatz #10

Lola Lola Hairstylist
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address: Alexanderplatz #12

MidEurope Travel Agency
Owner: gstone Turas
Addess: Alexanderplatz West

Tattoo Parlor
Owner: Sonatta Morales
Address:  Fischerstrasse #25 (Upstairs)

Wascherei (Laundry)
Owner: Zenobius Oleander
Address: Dorotheen Strasse #2

Patrice Cournoyer, Attorney and Solicitor
Owner: Patrice Cournoyer
Address: Unter den Linden, #16, Stock 2

Begrabisunternehmer (Undertaker)
Owner: Anonymous911 Resident
Address: Alexanderplatz, #14


Am Nussbaum Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Fischerstrasse #21


Swank Brothers
Owner: Doc Wrangler
Address1: Alexanderplatz #4
Address2: Teleportplatz

The finest quality, at reasonable prices.

Swank Brothers Men's Clothier -- 1920s, 1930s vintage fedoras, hats, suits and shirts. Outfit yourself with authentic clothing, hats and shoes.

Lappen und Knochen
Owner: Aloysia Moyet
Address: Avenue Nussbaum #8